Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TBL - Ride All Night

I road all night, straight through The Big Lebowski. I've been riding straight through the 600's this year so I have experience managing the "ride all night" expectations. The only exception was the 600k at Wenatchee Camp where somebody deliberately put my hotel room between the 400k and 200k segments.

There are a few things to get straight if you have an idea to ride straight through any long ride, especially one that is 375 miles long with lots of long hills. You'll do better if you decide to ride straight through ahead of time rather than if you have a sudden epiphany after having your mind focused for many hours on a long shower and deep sleep. Most everything is attitude, the rest is leg energy. You  might not finish any sooner because you ride slower, and there is the additional  fog time dealing with simple things like what to buy at the Shell station or how precisely to change the flat tire you got when you ran over the roofing nails you didn't see until it was too late.

But still, I like riding at night with no traffic or wind. I missed a lot of nice scenery but I got to see a whole bunch of stars and a quarter moon. I also got to see lots of glowing of eyes staring at me from the road ahead and from the sides.

Here is some old guy singing about how much he likes his bike.

And about that head fog...turn up the volume.

The money quote, "The Dude abides!"