Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Big Lebowski 2012

Oregon Randonneurs

Update 09/16/2012: Updated route sheet with new elevations. Reduces total elevation gain to 21,811 feet based on the Garmin 800 track.

Update 09/12/2012: Empty parking lot next to Motel 6 is no longer empty. It is now posted for customer parking only by Coastal Farm and Ranch supply. The K-Mart parking lot to the east is not posted for customer only parking. I parked in the K-Mart area by the recycle drop off for the preride.

Update 09/12/2012: Empty parking lot next to Motel 6 is no longer empty. It is now posted for customer parking only by Coastal Farm and Ranch supply. The K-Mart parking lot to the east is not posted for customer only parking. I parked in the K-Mart area by the recycle drop off for the preride.

Update 09/10/2012: Added Preride report (below) and finalized the routesheet and GPS routes.

Update 09/07/2012: Added links to draft GPS files including a link to bikeroutetoaster. Updated the route sheet with minor changes.

Update 08/29/2012: Replaced map with new map that matches the route sheet. Added a link to Kent's Ride Report from 2006. Added minor updates to route sheet.

Update 08/25/2012: Added links to draft route sheet and additional elevation profile details. The last GPS elevation track shows the elevation gain around 22,000 ft.

Ride: The Big Lebowski
Organizers: John Kramer
Date: Saturday, September 22 & 23, 2012
Distance: 604km (375 miles)
Ride Reports: Kent's Report from 2006
Results: Here
Pre-ride Report: Available below
Sunrise: 06:52 Sunset: 19:01
Moonrise: 14:33 Moonset: 23:55 (Calendar)
Who's Riding?: Riders
Rider Expectations: Here
Start Time: 06:00  Saturday September 22, 2012
Finish Time: 22:00 Sunday September 23, 2012
Registration Time: 05:30-05:55
Entry Fee: $50 Checks should be payable to "Oregon Randonneurs." Register Now!

Starting Location: Motel 6 in The Dalles Oregon, 2500 West 6th Street, The Dalles, OR, (541) 296-1191. Located on the west side of The Dalles between K-Mart and Denny's Restaurant (open 24 hours). Check with the Motel for parking during the ride. The parking lot immediately west of K-Mart is no longer empty and is posted for customer parking only. The parking lot west of Motel 6 is a Coastal Farm and Ranch supply.

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Description: The Big Lebowski is a 600k loop through North Central Oregon starting and ending in The Dalles, Oregon. The route will be the same as the first time the route was offered in 2006. There may be slight changes in Umatilla, Oregon to accommodate new highway construction since 2006. From The Dalles, the route follows WA-14 through Washington State along the Columbia to Umatilla, Heppner, Spray, Fossil, Antelope and Maupin.

This is a difficult ride. The first 200km is nearly flat while the last 400k is packed with hill climbing fun and desolate yet beautiful scenery. There are few stores or cafes along this route. Plan to carry everything you need for hydration and food between the services documented on the route sheet. You can expect hot days, cold nights and cold after dark descents. There are various critters and vegetation  along the way that may affect the advisability of ditch napping including black widow spiders, scorpions, stinging red ants, rattle snakes, black bears, cougars, coyotes and there are goat head/puncture vine thorns and poison oak in the roadside vegetation. The are other critters which you may or may not want to worry about like antelope, big horn sheep, black tail deer, hawks, owls, eagles, badger, wolverine, porcupine and skunk.

There will be an overnight control in Spray, Oregon where you can get something to eat and get some sleep. The overnight control will be at the motel lodge and rental house. You can have a small overnight bag transported from the start to the overnight control. Don't pack much because you will only have a few hours at the overnight control.

Pre-ride Report: The route sheet and gps files are final as of 9/10/2012. Summits have been added as track points in the tcx versions. If you are using a Garmin 800, my sympathies. If Dist to Next or Crs Pt. Dist. are data elements that you are using, they will show the distance to the summit and also show an icon of a mountain.

General Observations: There are an incredible number of deer on or next to the roads at night. I had to slow down quite often to let the deer figure out which way they were going to go. It is cold descending at night. The coldest area was either side of Fossil. While the east winds lasted, it was warmish to hot during the day. When the west winds returned the day time temps where much cooler. I drank more water on this ride than any other ride this year. Fifty ounces of water was enough to get me to the next water stop but YMMV. I rode this straight through so I didn't stop for sleep and I rode between Heppner and Maupin with no services. I did go off course several times to get water. as noted below. Most of the roads have been chip sealed and quite a few have been chip sealed just this year. Orignal asphal surfaces are a treat.

Mile 57: This is the first control. The store has added a small cafe where you can get breakfast.
Mile 91: There is a small town named Paterson with a tiny store and cafe. The store is off route but it was hot and I needed something cold to drink so I stopped.
Mile 105: Watch for broken glass entering and leaving the bridge trail.
Mile 150: Stopped at the Shell Station in Lexington for cold drinks. It was warm and I needed a break. They have some green grass to sit on too.
Mile 160: As you enter Heppner, there is a small park on the right with a water faucet for hunters. I stopped and filled my water bottles which was less expensive than spending $2 a bottle for water at the Shell Station. The Shell station has deli sammys and some chairs and a counter.
Mile 185: There are lighted rest rooms with showers at Anson Wright County Park. There were countless deer all the way to Spray.
Mile 198: The pavement on the descent from the summit was chip sealed this year. I didn't see too much loose gravel but I was going slow coming down because of the deer.
Mile 214: The turn off of OR-19 to the overnight control is just past Juniper Ave on the left. It splits off of OR-19 and it is gravel or dirt. It is just accross from a green highway sign pointing to Parrish Creek Rd & Waterman. The area has street lights around the Spray store. There are also rustic signs pointing the way to Riverbend Retreat. That is where you are going for the control checkin.
Mile 247: I stopped in Fossil for water. To get to the store, cafe and public restrooms, turn right at the chuch, the block before the route turns to OR-218. The store, cafe and restrooms are located by the flashing red light. The restrooms are locked at night.
Mile 263: Stopped for water at the Fossil Beds. The water was warm coming out of the faucet below the drinking fountain but it might cool down if you let the water run for a while. It was so cold I didn't worry about warm water. It was going to cool down pretty quick anyway.
Mile 324: In Maupin, to get to the deli, you have to leave the route for a short distance. Where you bear right to go to the City Park, go left instead and cross the bridge.  The deli is just on the other sde of the bridge and you can get a sub, sammy or burger. There is also a small store with drinks and snacks.
Mile 337: After Maupin there are no other water sources on the route. You can go off the route to get water at White River State Park, where there is green grass, restrooms and water. Or you can follow the signs to Tygh Valley. To get to Tygh Valley, go straight where you would turn right onto US-197. It is about 1 mile to the store. Dufer is located about 16 miles from the Dalles. There are three turns off US-197 to get to Dufer. If you must, use the second turn and go straight to Kramer's Market for a deli, food and drinks.


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