Saturday, August 11, 2012

Johnny is Pooped

Had a fun filled day 2 of Everett-Glacier. Rode 64 miles of rails to trails from Plummer to Wallace. Had to wait for a moose to get off the trail. Wasn't sure how to handle the matter but I was fairly certain I was not going to out run him on my bike. Tried shouting until it dawned on me that I might make him mad. I left and rode the other direction for a while and when i returned, the moose was gone. Saw another moose standing in the street next to the trail. He was not thrilled to see me. He gave me the look.

Got dusted by a wheat combine. The sun screen & wheat dust combo is very itchy. Lots of chip sealing and road reconstruction (about 25 miles). Lots of hills but they were easy although long. The back roads were very quiet today.

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Location:N Ramsey Rd,Athol,United States