Sunday, August 5, 2012

Boy, you got to...

...carry that weight a long ways.

Rode my last shake down ride before Glacier. The bike feels heavy at 44.48 lbs (without my iPhone and mophie.) Guess I'll unpack and think again about what I need to carry. The backup battery capable of charging my GPS, iPod and iPhone for 4 days will probably stay home along with the 5 compressed air cylinders, CanAm and Cascade 1200 pins. Do I really need two jerseys and a Hammer stuff bag?

That's little Gus the 90 pound 16-month old F2 golden doodle pup in the back ground. He thinks his place in the world is right next to the masters right knee. I wake up most mornings with a wet nose in the face.

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Location: White Salmon,United States