Saturday, October 1, 2011

Finishing the Bikenfest 2011

It was a cool day with lite westerly winds. Temperatures in Hood River ranged 5 degrees from 60-degrees at the start to 63-degrees by mid afternoon. Temperatures dropped slowly to 58-degrees at 9 pm when the final control closed. Hood River winds were variable from 4 to 9 mph with gusts between 9 and 22 mph. Lost Lake was considerably cooler with temperatures in the upper 40-degree range with wet pavement from recent rain showers between Lolo Pass road and Lost Lake.

Nineteen riders started, 2 riders withdrew after the first 100k, and 17 riders finished the brevet with qualifying times. At ten minutes past 8 pm, with just 50 minutes remaining to qualify, the organizer received a call from several lost riders. After several precious and agonizing minutes of Google searching and discussion, one of the riders found their location using Google Maps on a cell phone. The riders returned to the route at their point of departure with just 30 minutes and 5.5 miles remaining to reach the finish. At exactly 21:00 hours, with no time remaining, the last three lost-and-found riders turned the corner into the parking lot and presented their brevet cards for final validation. It was a heroic finish for an extraordinary brevet.

Bikenfest 2011 results