Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bikenfest 2011

Oregon Randonneurs

Ride: Hood River - DMC: The Dalles and Lost Lake
Organizers: John Kramer
Date: Saturday, Oct 1, 2011
Distance: 200km (124 miles)
Results: Here
Pre-ride Report: n/a
Sunrise: 07:04 Sunset: 18:47
Who's Riding?: Riders
Rider Expectations: Here
Start Time: 07:30 Saturday Oct 1, 2011
Finish Time: 21:00 Saturday Oct 1, 2011
Registration Time: 06:45-07:15
Entry Fee: $10 Checks should be payable to "Oregon Randonneurs." Register Now!

Starting Location: Twin Tunnels State Park just east of Hood River. Parking requires a State Park permit. Annual passes are available from Oregon State Parks. A day use permit costs $5.00 and can be purchased at the park.

Please note that I-84 exit 64 is closed to east bound traffic because of the freeway bridge replacement at exit 64. If you are coming from Portland, you will have to use exit 63. If you miss exit 63, you will have to go to Mosier to turn around and return to Hood River. The red marker is exit 63. If you are west bound coming from the east, exit 64 is open. You can use the starting location map to get directions to the start from your location.

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Description: This years route is a beautiful double metric century. The first 100k is a loop to The Dalles by way of Chenowith, Browns Creek and Cherry Heights returning on the Scenic Columbia River highway. The loops connect at the Twin Tunnels State Park so riders can access their vehicles mid way through the ride. The second metric century is  a loop through the orchards east of Hood River to Parkdale with an out and back to Lost Lake before returning to Hood River on Dee Highway and Tucker Road.

Services are good along the route with stores in The Dalles, Mosier, Parkdale and Hood River. There are several good fruit stands on the route where you can get cold drinks, ice cream, chocolate, bakery items and fruit. The route goes through the main downtown streets of both The Dalles and Hood River.

Note: This route is tentative because the Dollar Lake Fire has closed the Lost Lake Road. With three weeks until the ride, there is a good chance the road will remain closed. If the road is closed we will use the Bikenfest route from 2010, Bingen-Goldendale-Trout Lake. We will make the decision a week ahead of the ride date to give people adequate notice of the final ride plans.

Update 9/13/2011: The Forest Service has opened the Lost Lake road.

Preride Notes 9/17/2011: The roads were very quiet today. The eight miles of OR 35 had typical highway traffic and Dee highway had some traffic but otherwise the roads had little traffic. The first 60 miles loop took me 4 hours riding my normal speed. When I got back to the park headquarters, a lite rain was falling so I put leg and arm warmers in my pocket and put on a light jacket. The second loop took almost 6 hours with a long stop to warm up at the Lost Lake store where I took my time eating a cliff bar in front of the space heater. The high temp was 60 degrees in Parkdale where I stopped and McIsaacs store to fill my water bottle for the fist time. The low temp was 48 degrees at Lost Lake so I put on my leg and arm warmers for the fast trip back to Dee Highway. I wore them for the rest of the day as temperatures remained in the mid 50-degree range for the rest of the day. Finished the ride in 9H50.

 The road surface is good except for portions of OR-35 where poor quality asphalt has eroded leaving a rough high rolling resistance surface. There is a wide shoulder but I rode in the right lane at times where the surface is better. There is a double lane going uphill and most cars yield the lane and move over. There is road construction on the Lost Lake road where they are installing new water pipe. The road construction is marked and easily avoided and you can check it out on your way up the hill to Lost Lake. From Lost Lake it is a fast 26 miles back to the start. There are a few hills on the way, the hill at McGreedy's fruit stand is the most egregious. The ride through downtown Hood River requires caution as the hill can produce more speed than good judgement calls for on the city streets.

My Garmin 800 gave me a raw elevation gain of 10,600 ft which seams reasonable to me. The Garmin corrected elevation gain is 11,900 ft. I am not sure I would be able to tell the difference after 124 miles and 10 hours.
Elevation Corrections cross reference the horizontal position (latitude/longitude) provided by the GPS with elevation data that has been acquired by professional surveys. When corrections to elevation data are made, each trackpoint of your activity now contains the elevation from the web service, not the elevation provided by your GPS device. Garmin Connect selectively applies corrections to depict a more realistic representation of your elevation experience. Activities recorded from devices without a barometric altimeter are enabled with Elevation Corrections by default. Alternatively, activities recorded by devices with a barometric altimeter generally contain accurate elevation data and therefore Elevation Corrections are disabled by default. For those users who are familiar with the MotionBased Gravity service, this is the same service.
Discovered a discrepancy in the queue sheet and map. At mile 66, the junction of Eastside Road and Fir Mountain Road. I habitually ride the route in the GPS tracks following Thomson road past Rassmusen's fruit stand. However, the route sheet has the route continuing on Fir Mountain Road to OR-35. The correct route is on the route sheet following Fir Mountain Road to OR-35. This results in the the route being 124.6 miles rather than the 126.3 miles in the GPS tracks. It is a small difference and I am inclined not to edit the GPS tracks. If a rider follows the GPS track they will go and extra 1.7 miles but they will also be spared another kilometer of the OR-35 traffic and rough asphalt. YMMV

Preride Notes 9/24/2011: Rode the route again to get an accurate gps track and fix the controls. The weather was excellent, temperatures from 51 to 82 degrees. Finished the ride in 9 hours and 1 minute. The route sheet posted on the website is final and the route sheet matches the gps tracks. Total elevation gain from the Garmin 800 was 10,340 feet.
Bikenfest 2011 Hood River DMC The Dalles and Lost Lake Randobiker routes!

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