Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bikenfest 2010 Updated x2

Oregon Randonneurs

Ride: White Salmon to Goldendale Observatory
Organizers: John Kramer
Date: Saturday, Oct 2, 2010
Distance: 200km (124 miles)
Results: Here
Pre-ride Report: n/a
Sunrise: 07:11 Sunset: 18:51
Who's Riding?: Riders
Rider Expectations: Here
Start Time: 07:30 Saturday Oct 2, 2010
Finish Time: 21:00 Saturday Oct 2, 2010
Registration Time: 06:45-07:15
Entry Fee: $10 Checks should be payable to "Oregon Randonneurs", also, Oregon Randonneurs membership is required for this event. You can download a membership form and bring it with you. Register Now!

Update 26-Sep-2010: Updated route sheet and elevation profile with preride information. The preride elevation gain was 6,931 feet. Slightly different than the scouting trip but still in the 7,000 foot range. Noted some glass on the shoulders on the major roads. A sun visor was nice to have for the low angle sun in the morning heading east and in the afternoon heading west. Used two water bottles between Goldendale and Glenwood. The store in Glenwood is open until 21:00 hrs. Used 700x23 tires but would have been more comfortable with wider tires because the rough road surface on the Glenwood road. There were quite a few motorcycles between Glenwood and Goldendale. Stopped for breaks at the Subway in Goldendale, the Glenwood Store and at the Trout Lake Store. Took a break at mp 7.2 after crossing the Klickitat river to look at the Klickitat river gorge. Made good time from Trout Lake to the finish. It is mostly downhill with only a few inclines. Finished at 18:10 and the light was starting to fade. Need to deploy reflective gear and lights by 19:00 or shortly after.

Update 23-Sep-2010: Revised the route to skip the Goldendale Observatory. Since riders won't be able to access the Observatory and telescope, the route will go to the Dairy Queen/Subway/Union 76 on Broadway Street. To make up distance, the route leaves Highway 14 five miles east of Bingen and follows Old Hwy 8 past the Kathrine Creek trail to Lyle. More information to follow after the preride this weekend.

Starting Location: Heritage Park and Ride on the Washington side of the Hood River Bridge. The Park and Ride is located on the west side of the bridge.

The historic fifth anniversary of Binkenfest offers a 200k brevet similar to the inaugural route. This years route replaces about 35 miles of SR-14 and US-97 with quiet country roads. The route goes through Bingen, Lyle, Centerville, Goldendale, Glenwood, Trout Lake, BZ Corners and Husum.

The original idea for the Observatory State Park, was to start the ride at 17:00 hours and arrive at the Observatory after dark to do some star gazing using the Observatory's telescopes. Maybe another year. This year the ride will start at 07:30 and the riders will pass the Observatory before it opens for business at 2:00 pm. There will be a staffed control at the observatory turn around with water, snacks and maybe some coffee. Glenwood at mile 80 offers a good opportunity for a lunch stop. There is a store and a cafe.

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Route Profile elevation gain 6,931 feet

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