Monday, June 21, 2010

OBM Ride Report -- David Strong

The OBM brevet was truly epic. John Kramer must be applauded for his route design, his organization, and his and all the volunteers who made this event possible. I am not going to write a ride report (maybe sometime in the future), but for the moment I wanted to just share some reflections on what was for me the toughest brevet or randonnee I have ever done. I used to think BMB was the hardest, but I think OBM is harder.

I am not saying this because I think harder is better, or because if you complete a harder event it somehow means you are a better randonneur. As some of you know, I am a pretty humble fellow, and simply care about enjoying the journey, and this was an unbelievable journey. Having said that, this route had great pavement, had little to non existent car traffic, had beautiful scenery, and had some lovely towns strung like pearls along the route. I especially liked the cafe in Fossil which had wonderful home made fare. If anyone came across other culinary gems, please write about them, I would enjoy hearing about them.

The terrain was unexpected, not the elevation gain, I knew how much that would be, but the terrain, so varied, from canyons, to alpine ascents, to massive undulating ridges, rivers, lakes, you name it, this route had it. I think the one vision which I will have a hard time forgetting was the view from the ridge along Bakeoven heading into Maupin. At one point we could see 5 massive peaks, I am not sure which they all were, any help would be appreciated, Peter, my riding buddy thought they were St Helens, Rainier, Hood, Baker, and Batchelor?

Wanted to thank Kole and Vincent for all their loving care at Mitchell, they took care of our bikes, provided room service, and double portions of wonderful pasta. I think Oregon and Washington have the best cycling on the West Coast, and I am looking forward to more wonderful events this Summer and Fall.
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Photos by Sophie Matter and Paul Johnson

- Randobiker