Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OBM1000k FAQ

Entering the canyon along Girds Creek Road.

Question 1: What happened to the 1000K + 200K option?
After much thought and discussion, it was decided to revise the route into a single 1000K loop with riders starting and finishing in The Dalles. The 1000K route offers equally challenging and scenic opportunities as the original route in a more user friendly format for both rider and support logistics.

Question 2: What is expected of the riders?
Riders should be in good physical condition and ready for a fun, challenging ride. You can read the official Oregon Randonneurs rider expectations at http://www.orrandonneurs.org/brevets/rider_expectations.html

Question 3: Do you have a draft of the cues for this ride?
You can find a preliminary route sheet in a variety for formats on the main ride page at http://randobiker.blogspot.com/2010/01/oregon-blue-mountains-1000k.html

Question 4: What level of support will the ride have?
The route includes many sparsely populated areas best described as rural, wilderness and Old West. You won't find corner convenience stores and you will seldom even find corners. Cell phone service will be sporadic at best.

Because of the scarcity of services, the organizers and volunteers will staff strategically placed controls along the route to resupply riders. There will also be support and course sweep vehicles. Controls will be staffed by experienced randonneurs and offer fluids, fuel, encouragement and perhaps some rocking music to get you going. We will preride the route two weeks before the event date. The preride will determine the critical points along the route for staffed controls.

There will also be two full service overnight stops in North Powder and Mitchell. Both overnights will offer beds and showers.

Note to extremely fast riders. If you are planning to ride the route without stopping for sleep, there is a possibility you may get out ahead of our support services. We will make our best effort to accommodate your needs. Please contact the organizers so we can discuss your plans.

Question 5: What will the event cost?
The cost of registration is $225 per rider. The registration fee covers lodging, food, supplies and support vehicles during the ride.

Question 6: Have you set a start time?
The start time is Saturday June 12th at 7:00 am. You will have until Tuesday, June 15th at 10 am to finish.

Question 7: What kind of weather can I expect?
Expect warm to hot days and cold to very cold nights. Temperatures at elevation are going to be cooler that those near sea level near Portland, Oregon.