Monday, September 21, 2009


Cougar in Culvert
Got this picture attached to a safety reminder at at work. The message urged caution when checking culverts. The road engineers inventory and check culverts every year because a blocked culvert can result in a road washout and expensive repair. I don't know the story behind the picture, but I imagine an engineer in the central Cascades saw the cougar, and thought, "Hey, that will make a great picture. I don't have one of those yet," and snapped a picture before racing back to the truck.

I've seen two cougars, or one cougar twice, on the Twin Tunnels trail near Hood River this year. Once early morning during early spring and another time late afternoon during a really hot mid summer day when everyone with any sense was staying in doors with air conditioning. Both times the cougar nonchalantly left the trail and disappeared into the woods.

That cougar does not look like she is smiling...nice pootie!