Saturday, August 15, 2009

Was ist der Earschplittenloudenboomer?

Steppenwolf 7The new iPhone is the greatest gadget ever created. Along with iPhone comes iPod and iTunes. Just awesome, Es ist ein Ohr-Splitter laut boomer! Does anyone else remember cruising around town with a box of eight tracks, one of which was Steppenwolf 7, cranking up the tunes and looking for a kegger? Earschplittenloudenboomer is a track on the Steppenwolf 7 alblum. I just added some Steppenwolf to my iPhone. It will go well with James Gang and Credence Clearwater.

What does Steppenwolf 7 have to do with Bikenfest? I think we'll have to leave that for a future discussion, but you can call me Fat Jack with the Foggy Mental Breakdown.