Monday, August 17, 2009

Pesky Peacocks

Columbia River from the Scenic Highway East of Mosier
I route checked the Bikenfest on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day. My Garmin Oregon GPS elevation gain was within 150 feet of the Bikely estimated elevation gain of 7,000 feet. Just leaving the GPS on the table all day, it would probably gain 150 feet of elevation. My moving time was 8.5 hours and my Bacchetta speed was as good as my triangle bike even with the frequent and generous hill climbs.

Art Fair at Maryhill Museum
I noticed signs for an art fair on my way up SR-14 following the Columbia River east. I didn't notice if it was Maryhill the winery or the museum. On the way past the Winery, I thought maybe the art show was there because there were so many cars in the parking lot. The parking lots at the museum were filled full so there was a good sized crowd at both locations.

The Vinyards and Orchards at Maryhill
I filled water from a hose behind the restrooms labeled drinking water. You can't be too careful. A little girl came running around the building shrieking in terror followed closely by a puzzled female peacock. The little girl's dad scooped her into his arms and together they faced the giant menacing bird. The little girl continued to shriek while the Dad tried to make it better. I think maybe the little girl's scream sounded like peacock mating calls. A little later I saw the dad photographing the little girl feeding the peacocks.

Mt. Hood from Emerson Loop Road
I discovered my camera had a broken lcd and so I was forced to use my iPhone for pictures. I didn't take very many pictures because it required stopping to get the iPhone out of the Bacchetta bag behind the seat. It is really a handy gadget because the iPhone records the picture location in the picture jpeg. So when you put together a photo album, you also get the map locations where the pictures were taken. You can see where they all fall on a map or the individual locations for each photo. And you can also look at the topo lines on the map with topo relief or send the map to Goggle earth. Seams pretty cool. Maybe even useful.