Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mt. Adams SxSW Results

From MtAdamsSxSW

The riders times are posted. We're in Walking man now eating pizza and drinking beer and soda. Yumm!

Update: Seventeen riders enjoyed the ride today and everyone completed the ride successfully. The weather was perfect. The high temperature in Stevenson was 76 degrees at 5:00 pm, 10 degrees less than forecast. Wind was southwest at 5 mph gusting to 12 mph at 7:00 am. The wind increased to 11 mph gusting to 22 by 2:00 pm but died to 8 mph gusting to 22 mph by 5:00 pm. Michael's pictures from the McClellan secret control are posted here.

Thanks to Michael and Bill for taking care of the secret controls and congratulations to everyone who came and conquered.