Friday, July 31, 2009

Bikenfest Route for 2009 (Update x1)

It is unclear what will happen to Bikenfest this year. Perhaps there isn't enough interest left in randonneuring in Oregon to support another brevet.

Here is a route suggestion that is probably a pretty good route as long as the winds are reasonable. Most of the roads are very quiet. Highway 14 has some truck traffic but it isn't terrible and the road shoulder is pretty good. It has about 1200-feet more climbing than the original route from 2006. With total climbing of almost 7,000 feet, it has less than average climbing for a route in the Columbia Cascades.

This is a scenic route through the Columbia River Gorge from Hood River east to Mary Hill Museum. The proposed route would start from downtown Hood River with parking across from Full Sail Ale Brewery. The proposed date is October 3rd which coincides with the 6th annual Hops Fest in Hood River.

The route follows the Historic Twin Tunnels Trail to Mosier where the route climbs Sevenmile hill to Chenoweth and The Dalles. Sevenmile hill has two steep one mile grades (>6% grade). From the Dalles, the route tours the wheat fields east of town where the Oregon Trail once brought pioneers overland in conestoga wagons to The Dalles. From The Dalles Bridge, the route crosses the Columbia River and follows Washington SR-14 east along the Columbia River to Maryhill Museum where there is shade, green grass, picnic tables, restrooms, hungry peacocks and a great view of the Columbia River. From Maryhill Museum the route returns to The Dalles and follows the Historic Scenic Columbia River Highway over Rowena Creast and back on the Historic Twin Tunnels trail to the Hops Fest in Hood River. Yummm Beeeer!

Update 08/01/2009: Added links to route sheets in various formats

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