Monday, July 27, 2009

Alsea Falls 400k (upcoming)

Humm, it's either this 400k close to home or the Dan Turner's Mt. Baker climb way up north in Bellingham.

Update: I replaced the Bikely map because it was loading too slow. Here is a google map that loads real fast and has tons more features. Here is a link to the bikely map incase you want a gpx file for your GPS.

Cool Google Map features for randonneurs include Steet view, search for services, easy mouse roller zoom, terrain and satellite views, photos, videos, wikipedia and webcams. And, if you are on the route and you have a question, you can use your iPhone to get the map and zoom in and get your self un-lost. How cool is that?

Alsea Falls Google Map

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Elevation Profile (8,700 feet gain)
Elevation Profile