Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mt. Adams SxSW Pre Ride Report

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June 28, 2009: Completed the ride in 10.5 hours. The weather was perfect. Temperature range was 50 to 83 recorded Stevenson Washington. Winds were out of the west at 6 mph.

Traffic was generally very lite to lite with increased traffic heading to Trout Lake on SR141 and motorcycle traffic on Curly Creek and Wind River Highway. Traffic on SR14 will pickup significantly mid morning.

Road conditions were generally good. There were two small areas of fresh seal. There are 3 miles on SR141 between MP 17 and 20 and another 4.5 miles on Wind River Highway north of Stabler. The fresh seal was not a problem. The Lewis River road has four short gravel or hard pack areas where the road surface has washed out. There are also some pavement slumps, cracks and pot holes. Watch for road surface conditions carefully on down hill sections. There are a couple of pavement holes on the descent from Old Mans pass.

I stopped at each of the 5 tunnels on SR14 and activated the biker warning strobe lights. Stopped at the Columbia River Bank in Bingen for a receipt from the ATM. The bank is on the left immediately after the turn in Bingen. Stopped at the store in BZ Corners to refill my first water bottle. There is a water faucet at the raft launch site on the right side of the road in BZ Corners. Stopped at the Trout Lake Store in Trout Lake to fill 3 water bottles and get my control card signed.

There are no services in the 60 miles between Trout Lake and Stabler. I drank 100 ounces of water between Trout Lake and Stabler. There is a water pump with fresh cold water in the upper loop of the Lower Lewis River Recreation Area campground at mile 82.2 (on the left). The climb up Curly Creek was sunny, slow and hot. I took a break at McClellan view point to cool down. Stopped at Old Mans Pass for a short break. Stopped in Stabler for a cold drink and to cool down on the bench in the shade. Stopped at the high bridge on the outskirts of Carson to walk over the bridge and enjoy the view of the Wind River gorge.

I was lucky to stop for water at the Lower Falls (mile 82). The cold water tasted really good.

There were lots of insects to splatter into the cycling glasses but no deer or horse flies (yet).