Thursday, May 7, 2009


People ask why anyone would want to ride the Last Chance Randonnee, because, as everyone knows, it is flatter than the Willamette Valley. Well, it would not be for the scenery in western Kansas, that is for sure. I took exactly one picture on the entire 1200 kilometer Last Chance route and I ditched my camera when I got to my drop bag. Must have been lucky because most photographs you see of the area are of the awesome thunderstorms storms; thunderstorms that look like they come straight from hell. And I suppose it would not be for the biggest, fattest, meanest rattle snakes west of the Mississippi. You could eat for a week off of one of those big rattlers. The wind on the Front Range is an in-your-face experience but you would have to be crazy to pay the airline fare to Denver just to ride for days into head wind. There is a nice section of about 225 miles of rollers out and back from Atwood. Probably the hilliest flat land no one ever didn't ride. Another reason to avoid using for riding the Last Chance, is the 100k worse than gravel, used-to-be-pavement at the end of the ride. Just what your human-saddle interface needs after 1,100 kilometers on the saddle. I rode the Last Chance because it was just to damned far to drive and all I got to show for it is this stupid plaque which I will probably cherish forever.