Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Desert Camp-Mountain Week

Desert Camp Week 6
Riding in the Arizona desert this week. Here are some photos, no rain just lots of sun and wind and PacTour Desert Camp - Mountain Week miles. We were in Douglas on the Mexican border two days ago and Lordsburg New Mexico yesterday. Back in Arizona today and tomorrow we get to climb another mountain called Mt. Graham.

Update Day 6: We survived day 6, photos updated. Red flag warnings today. We are heading straight into the wind on our way to historic Tombstone.

Postscript 5-APR-2009: The tour concluded on Sunday with last two days mostly straight into the wind. The National Weather Service posted red flag warnings both days but the last day only produced 21 mph winds with gusts to 39 mph. Everyone was happy to be done. It was a challenging ride. The proprietors and crew were very professional. The tour and the supporting facilities were ultimately organized. More photos from the staff here.