Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where's the OR600k at?

Ray Ogilvie writes to ask if I have any information on the Oregon 600k brevet scheduled for May 30 and 31, 2009. I'm working on it, at least enough for a blog post and weekend scouting trip. A 600k is too far to drive in a day and do any serious scouting. I guess it will make for an interesting long weekend though. I'll take my bike along and ride some hills along the way. There are plenty to choose from.

ReadytoRide and Eric have volunteered to preride the course and help out during the event. They are also Racing Across Oregon this year which shares some of the same roads as the Oregon 600k-XTR_V1. This will be my seventh season of randonneuring, provided I can get my body primed for another season. In a way, every year starts out the same. Beginning with physical condition at zero, selecting some challenging goals for the year, redeveloping the endurance, strength and speed and riding many hills hoping for the best.

But just let me say this about the Oregon is a worthy training goal. This is not the kind of ride you show up to without seriously working hard on the physical conditioning and preparation. Challenge, adventure and self reliance are all important aspects of randonneuring, things that both Oregon and the Oregon 600k-XTR have in serious abundance. Dude!

I woke up this morning with a bad back that rapidly deteriorated into a giant back ache with accompanying head ache. So I spent the day flat on my back on the living room floor with my legs up on the haysack and ice packs and heating pads under my lumbar. The dogs thought it was pretty good. They got to hang out next to the master all day looking down at him with their drippy wet noses and chewie drool, snorting glaze on my eye glasses so they matched the haze in my head. After 2400 mg of ibuprofin and 3 oxycodone I can manage to sit in front of my computer screen and watch as it waves back at me.

Since the Oregon 600k-XTR blog post it isn't ready yet, here is a video I made for Christmas last year instead. Kind of the golden retriever's 2008 year in review. We said goodby to Rusty last year and we still really miss him. The video looks good on the TV but the art of the YouTube video still escapes me. You can enjoy more of Bon Iver on All Songs Considered at NPR here.