Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hood River-Maupin Permanent

The route begins or ends in Hood River Oregon and route sheets are provided for either direction of travel. The route follows the Historic Scenic Columbia River Highway (US-30) from Hood River to The Dalles. From the Dalles the Route follows US-197 to Maupin. There are lots of hills on this 100k. The Columbia River Highway is somewhat sheltered from the wind.

RUSA Permanent Number: Pending

Ride History:

Starting Location:
Hood River Inn
1108 East Marina Way
Hood River, OR 97031
(509) 427-5470

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Elevation Profiles
Hood River-Maupin elevation gain 5,700 feet
Hood River-Maupin Profile

Hood River-Maupin elevation gain 5,000 feet
Maupin-Hood River Profile

Route Sheets: There are spread sheets or html sheets or print ready PDF sheets for each direction. Use the spreadsheet tabs to select the desired route.

Bikely Maps:
Hood River-Maupin
Maupin-Hood River

Route Map

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