Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heppner - La Grande Permanent

This is a 164km ride through the Blue Mountains from Heppner through Ukiah to La Grande. Ukiah, at mile 47, is a very small village that has a store and tavern. Red Bridge State Park is at 101 miles. The route follows the I-84 freeway for 9 miles to La Grande. The end point in La Grand is the Royal Motor Inn.

RUSA Permanent Number: Pending

Ride History:

Starting Location: Heppner Oregon

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Elevation Profiles
Heppner-La Grande elevation gain 6,611 feet
Heppner - John Day Profile

La Grande-Heppner elevation gain 5,512 feet
La Grande-Heppner Profile

Route Sheets: There are spread sheets or html sheets for each direction. Use the spreadsheet tabs to select the desired route.

Bikely Map: Here

Route Map:

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