Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nothing Better

Central Oregon West of HeppnerThe View-15 miles southwest of Heppner Oregon (November 7, 2008)

Had nothing better to do at 2:30 am Saturday morning than roll out of bed and go for a little 217k bike ride from Hood River to Heppner. Not much to think about on the 13 hour ride. Need a new camera, two of three pictures taken with my Nikon L12 are blurred. No improvement on this photo set, must remember to take three pictures of everything. Had to stop and check the new Craft knickers to see if they were on backwards. Strange chamois shape but no standing butt-seat snags, something to truly contemplate. Wonder why my AARP Bulletin doesn't have any good articles like "Long Distance Cycling-Coping With Arthritis." How is Brewsheta spelled anyway? Stopped to put on my rain gear 11 miles south of Heppner. Thunder booming in the immediate vicinity, glad visibility was only 100 ft. No sign of lightning. Three miles from Heppner starting the downhill run, completely soaked. Changed clothes in the heated public restroom in Heppner, felt good on the soggy feet.