Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mt. Adams SxSW Permanent

This is a scenic and challenging ride starting in Stevenson Washington. Bikely estimates 7,800 feet of elevation gain. The hills provide long ups and downs and Old Mans Pass provides a classic descent. There are great views of the Columbia River, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Lewis River and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The route is closed because of snow between November and June.

Mile 0 to 46
From Stevenson the route follows SR14 and the Columbia River east for 22 miles to Bingen Washington. In Bingen, the route turns north following SR141 climbing the Bingen hill to White Salmon and then 22 miles though Husum and BZ Corners to Trout Lake. The Trout Lake Store and gas station provide the last services for 70 miles until the store in Stabler. There is an info control at the Mt. Adams Ranger Station. There is a water faucet on the right side of the front door and there are vault toilets in the parking lot pull through.

Mile 46 to 98
Trout Lake is the last chance for water or human services before Carson, about 80 miles. There is mineral tasty water available from a hand pump in the Lower Lewis Recreation Area (See cue sheet for directions). The water pump is a mostly two person operation.

From Trout Lake, the route continues northeast on the Randle Road to the southwest side of Mt. Adams and the Lewis River Road. There are numberous bridges on the Lewis River road that have sharp raised edges that provide a good chance of pinch flats for under inflated tires. There are also a number of gravel sections. The longest is about 1/2 miles and is noted on the cue sheet. The route turns southwest following the Lewis River to Curly Creek. The Curly Creek road provides a 5 mile climb. The first three miles have a steady 6 to 9 percent grade.

Mile 98 to 125
At the top of the Curly Creek Road, the route turns southwest on Forest Road 30, the Meadow Creek Road. Old Man Pass is located two miles past this junction providing a great downhill run. From Old Mans Pass, there are only 28 miles, two turns and a small number of gentle hills remaining to ride.

RUSA Permanent #576: Approved

Ride History: RUSA Brevet in 2006

Starting Location: Stevenson Washington: There is ample parking as well as restrooms near the Rock Creek Park by the Hegewald Community Center on Rock Creek Road. A timed receipt can be obtained from the Texaco minimart located near the junction of SW Rock Creek Dr and SR-14.

Route Sheet: Here (a note about the route sheet: you can select distance and elevation units. Click on the arrow next to the units in the distance and elevation column titles. Then select Miles, Km (kilometers), Feet or Meters. The spreadsheet will update to show the units of measure you just selected. For example, if the last person to use the route sheet selected Km for distance and you perfer miles, just click on the arrow next to the Km heading and then select Miles. You can also recalculate the close times by setting the Ride Date in the upper left corner of the spreadsheet. The required format is a date time m/d/yyyy hh:mm.)

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