Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am Not Crabby, Just a Little ...

The Rider arrived in the mail serveral weeks ago, a gift from Eric, one of the south of the boarder Tres Conquistador Yakinos de la 2008 Rocky Mountain 1200. Eric is a cyclocross and road racer randonneur. Thanks Eric! Together with ReadytoRide, we challenged the epic Canadian Randonnée last July.

The last ride entry in my Rocky Mountain 1200 series finds the three of us reaching the halfway point, crossing Bow Summit and heading to Lake Louise. Eric, ReadytoRide and I arrived at Lake Louse at 12:07, Friday July 25, 2008.

We did not stay very long at the control in Lake Louise. The BC Randonneurs had an enticing selection of food and volunteers who were eager to make sure we had what we needed. I met the esteemed past president of the ACP, Robert Lepertel, who apparently saw my SIR Paris Brest Paris jersey and eagerly shook my hand with an impressive French salutation. I think I might have stammered something in broken Spanish. After a short break we set out for the 55k out and back to Castle Junction. We arrived at Castle Junction where I noticed the world spinning a bit unevenly beneath my feet. It was now about 56 hours since my last sleep cycle on Wednesday morning at 6 am. Things were starting to get a little bit fuzzy.

On the way back from Castle Junction, I noticed Eric and ReadytoRide falling behind on the downhills and I was soft pedaling more and more to maintain our grouping factor. So for some reason or other, I fired up the turbo charger and lit out for Lake Louise. I rode solo to Golden, feeling guilty, unsure how hard to step on the pedals. The route merged with the busy trans Canada Route #1 at Lake Louise. I rode normally trying to maintain a personal safety factor through the heavy traffic and sleep deprived blur. The road to Golden was much improved from what I could remember of the 2004 ride. I arrived at the control in Golden as Sam Huffsmith was departing, 815km and 45h15 minutes into the ride, 30 minutes ahead of Eric and ReadytoRide, and 61 hours since my last sleep. I wasn't crabby, just a little bit road toasted. 

Heavy Traffic on Trans Canada Route 1Heavy Traffic on Trans Canada Route #1

Someday maybe I'll post post Randobiker's 10 most common randonneuring randonnée mistakes. Right after getting this winter's batch of permanent routes to RUSA for approval, creating the DVD edition of Randobiker's 2008 Randonneuring Chronicles, and reading Tim Krabbé's The Rider.

Note for the record: The Rocky Mountain 1200 muilti finishers list fails to note my multiple finishes in 2004 and 2008.