Monday, November 24, 2008

Heppner-John Day Permanent

The dusty trail between Mt. Vernon and John Day
The dusty trail between Mt. Vernon and John Day June 24, 2008
This is a long hard ride with few services along the route. The goal is to get from Heppner south to the next overnight spot, John Day.

Heppner to Monument (75 miles)
If it is a bit cool in the morning, don't worrry because the hill climbing starts right away. After about 25 miles of hill climbing you'll find Anson Wright Memorial Park located 25 miles south of Heppner. There are good facilities there and a campground host in season. At mile 63, there is a small store, Kimberly Center (541-934-2237). At Kimberly the route turns east and follows OR-402, the Kimberly Long Creek Highway, and the North Fork of the John Day River valley to the village of Monument where there is a small store, Boyer’s Cash Store (541-934-2290).

Monument to John Day (63 miles)
Soon after leaving Monument, the climb begins again. If you can survive the next 20 miles, you'll find the very small town of Lone Creek. There is a lodge and a small store and cafe where you might find water. Your reward for reaching Long Creek is to prepare to clime some more after turning right onto US-395. It is 28 miles to Mt. Vernon where the route turns east with a flat 8 miles on US-26/395 to John Day. The traffic picks up on the combined US highways. John Day is a full service town, you'll probably need it too.

RUSA Permanent Number: Pending

Ride History:

Starting Location:
Northwestern Motel & RV Park‎
389 N Main St
Heppner, OR‎
(541) 676-9167‎

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Route Profiles
Heppner-John Day Elevation Gain 9,491 ft.
Heppner-John Day Elevation Profile

Heppner-John Day Elevation Gain 8,358 ft.
John Day-Heppner Elevation Profile

Route Sheets: There are spread sheets or html sheets for each direction. Use the spreadsheet tabs to select the desired route.

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Heppner-John Day [John Day-Heppner] 2 in 1 map

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