Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Dalles - Madras Permanent 200k

Fishers Near Sherars Bridge 31-May-2008Fishers Near Sherars Bridge 31-May-2008
This route is only 180 km or 112 miles but the shorter distance is good news if you are at the end of a longer ride. With a Bikely estimated elevation gain of 8,400 feet, the route has plenty of climbing but it also has some very nice scenery. Route sheets and profiles are provided for this route in both directions, from The Dalles to Madras or from Madras to The Dalles. The direction of travel depends on whether your coming or going. Once you figure that out, the rest is easy adventure. 

The Dalles to Maupin (50 miles)
The route starts in The Dalles and climbs for nearly 30 miles to the summit of Tygh ridge. The route follows Eight Mile Road for the first 12 miles before joining US-197. The road between Dufur and Tygh Ridge on US-197 has bad frost cracks and riding on the shoulder can be bumpy. At mile 35, the route turns onto OR206 heading east to the Deschutes River. After crossing Sherars Bridge, the route follows the Deschutes River for 8 miles to Maupin. The Deschutes river is a National Recreation Area, popular for rafting and fishing.  Maupin is a good place to stop for water and fuel. 

Maupin to Warm Springs (48 miles)
The section starts by climbing up through Maupin, and out of the Deschutes river canyon. The road is fairly flat to Wapanita but there is plenty of climbing between Wapanita and Warm Springs. You are riding in the Warm Springs Reservation. 

Warm Spring to Madras (15 miles)
After Warm Springs the route crosses the Deschutes River and enters farm fields north of Madras. 

RUSA Permanent #577: Approved

Ride History:

Starting Location: The starting location in The Dalles is The Dalles Bridge where there are several 24 hour mini marts where you can get a receipt. A good place to park is the Dalles Marina identified in the map below. If you are starting from Madras, the starting location is the Budget Inn. You can get a receipt or ATM receipt from any business in downtown Madras.

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Route Profiles:
The Dalles-Madras Elevation gain 8,414 ft.
Madras-The Dalles Elevation gain 6,227 ft.Madras-The Dalles Profile

Route Sheets: There are Spread sheets or html sheets for each direction. Use the spreadsheet tabs to select the desired route.

Bikely Map is here

The Dalles-Madras [Madras-The Dalles] 2 in 1 Map:

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