Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Virtuous Cycle: Bicycling in DC

Seams a bit hard to find good bike trail web sites but Washington DC is looking a little better than last time I checked. There must be a trick to finding decent trail descriptions and maps. Some sites just like show you tons of advertising for a little green bubble showing what must be a point location. Two weeks browsing for free...must be the old prodigy/aol model of billing by the byte.

Compare the Washington DC trail finding experience to Portland Oregon. Sure they run a few bicyclists over from time to time but bygones. Seriously, it looks like Oregon offers lots of bike information and quite a few free bike maps.

Minnesota is looking pretty good. I recently ordered bike maps for Bike Around MinnesotaMinnesota. The MDOT maps come in two parts, east and west, and each unfolds into north on one side and south on the other. They sent me an envelop full, three sets all together. Minnesota DOT classifies roads in to Black where bikes are not allowed and three other classifications based on traffic volume with two sub classifications for shoulder width either greater or less than 6-inches. But still, a worthy effort for planning a bike tour extravaganza through the Land of Mosquitos Lakes.