Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vigoren 2008?

Here it is, the latest from The Vigoren Campaign. Question is: will we hear directly from the Candidate himself? Can he still ride or is he over the hill? What will Maggie say? Is there any truth to the rumor that the missing cow skull is on it's way to Oregon?

Newsflash - for immediate release - Vigoren Campaign Announces Election Rally at Bingen Bikenfest!

From the campaign trail - old school Western Telegram Press Release -


Vigoren Campaign announces campaign rally at the Bignen Bikenfest - Saturday October 4 STOP

Join candidate Eric Vigoren - on this Oregon Randonneurs 200k sponsored ride STOP

Share your vision for RUSA with candidate Eric Vigoren STOP

Prepare for old style politicking, stump speeches and back slapping STOP

Most importantly fun on a bike October 4 STOP

Lastly vote now, vote for Vigoren STOP

Many thanks from the Vigoren Campaign STOP

This message brought to you from Vigoren Election Headquarters
this message has not been reviewed by the candidate
and is authored solely by his Campaign Manager Peter Beeson

A rare view of Candidate Vigoren discussing matters with the inside of his eyelids. Vigoren Abides! Don't miss this, an adventure so bold and so outrageous that it will grace the Travel section of the Oregonian this Sunday! See more of Candidate Vigoren's exciting Oregon adventure at Hot Springs and Dunes 600K.
"Nap Time" photo courtesy of Nat Armbrust