Friday, September 12, 2008

RAAM Qualified

Sam Huffman and I qualified for RAAM today with times for the Colorado Last Chance Randonnee under 65 hours. Sam's time was 64h39 and my time was 64h55. Sam and I rode the 100k together between Byers and Platteville. At Platteville we split up and rode the remaining 36 miles at full throttle. I was uncertain if my engines would fire or sputter and die. I guess they kind of fuddered at least good enough to qualify. Since I am old fart, my UMCA time qualification is 70 hours but 65 hours provided a good goal and there was nothing else to do. So I fuddered to the finish line.

I haven't finished my Rocky Mountain 1200 stories yet and there are people looking forward to an update for the Snakes on a Brevet story. If you haven't seen the first Rocky Mountain 1200 video, here it is. I'll work on some Last Chance stories after a nap or two.