Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last Chance Photo Tour

Here is a map of the Last Chance Randonnee route. Click on the View Larger Map link. The larger map will have a More button near the upper right corner of the map. Click on the More button and notice the check in the Photos check box. Zoom in on the map until the tiny photo icons are large enough to click with your mouse. The photos will popup to a larger size. To zoom in on the map and tiny photo icons, use the roller on your mouse (if it has one.) Roll towards the map to zoom in. Roll away from the map to zoom out. Many of the pictures are of storm clouds, thunderstorms, funnel clouds, rain, hail, wind, old houses, cows and Kansas. The markers show the checkpoint locations.

View Larger Map

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Last Chance Profile

Louisville Colorado

Atwood Kansas

Last Chance Moon