Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hammer Time Hints #1

Distal Audible Countdown TimerTimex Watch With Countdown Timer Mounted to Helmet Strap Behind Ear.

At the start of the Last Chance, I looked over at Ken Bonner and noticed he had a watch hanging down from his helmet next to his ear. "Hey Ken, can you really read that watch?" I asked. Ken replied for the millionth time, "It's a countdown timer, I have it set to let me know every time 10 minutes go by so I know when to drink."

Ken said this is an old tri athlete trick and hearing the timer can be tricky in the wind. Leaving the watch mounted on a wrist strap lets you adjust the watch to a different location if you need to or use the watch for a different purpose.

The Timex watch is rated for water at 100 meter depth so I hope it will survive the rain in Seattle. The biscuits are for the boys, they aren't so good for road biking because they will make you too thirsty and increase the amount of water you have to carry.