Friday, September 5, 2008


Little Dude"WooooWoooo Arrf, NarRarRar, Woooooo! Dude, throw me the Frisbee..."

Hi AdamDear Uncle Randobiker,

Why do you call your puppy Little Dude?
That's a funny name!

Your Nephew,
Adam SplashyRubbyDubby

Dear Adam SplashyRubbyDubby

The Big LebowskiBecause I'm the Dude and that makes him the Little Dude. Don't worry, some day, you'll be in college studying famous films of the past century like the greatest film ever, The Big Lebowski, and then you'll understand. See, I'm the Dude. He's the Little Dude and sometimes he does some pretty interesting stuff which causes someone to say softly or sometimes loudly...."Dooood!"

Yours Truly
Uncle Randobiker