Monday, September 15, 2008

Colorado Last Chance-Why?

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You know how sometimes you finish a ride and you have to wonder what you were thinking when you signed up? Most of the story of the Last Chance begins at the finish. It is a great feeling to finish a randonnee and the Last Chance is no exception.

A Dozen Last Chance Reasons Why

  1. Last Chance is the best value in Randonneuring.

  2. Easy access to and from the Denver airport.

  3. Almost no traffic, especially at night.

  4. No need to worry about the scenery, you can leave your camera in your drop bag.

  5. You get to pedal up and down 280 miles of rollers.

  6. You might get to meet John Lee's welsh corgi.

  7. Riding bike in September is fun.

  8. To meet new people or see old friends who like to ride bike too.

  9. Riding in the drops that long makes good posture a useless detail.

  10. If you ride it enough times, sooner or later there will be a tail wind.

  11. Your front tire needs more study.

  12. You might get to trade jerseys with someone from a really cool place like Brazil or Seattle.