Friday, August 8, 2008

The Timberline Challenge

    On August 15th--The 2008 Timberline Challenge
  • Hood River to Mt. Hood Timberline
  • Two Riders
  • 200 kilometer 11,800 ft RUSA approved permanent
  • The most difficult 200k in the entire Pacific Northwest!
  • Fred Hunley-from Huston Texas...Long, tall, lean, mean, southern cycling machine.
  • John Kramer-from Washington State...Old, short, fat, damned Yankee, sputtering tour de couch kind of guy.
  • Nearly Insurmountable Odds
  • Outrageously daring!
ZOMG! Can they do it or will it kill them? A route so hard normal riders tremble with fear. "Oh No!" they say, "It's the ride up the dreaded Timberline death road." Only the Race Across Oregon would start and end with such a terrible thing. What are they trying to prove? Is it a stunt or will they succeed? What about the wild cougar sightings? Can't anybody stop them in time? If the ride doesn't kill them maybe the after ride beer party at Double Mountain Brewery will kill them? We can only hope!