Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jasper Alberta-The End of Day One

Old Wildlife Caution Sign Outside of Jasper Alberta We found ourselves at the end of day one arriving at Jasper with Sophie just before 17:00 (5 pm) at 444 kilometers and just under 19 hours into the ride. Ready2Ride thought Jasper looked like Vale Colorado, nestled into the Rockies with a popular and busy touristy store front. The control services were distributed between the food and check in at the McCready Senior Center, showers in the aquatic center and sleeping in a nearby church.

Old Steam Locomotive Near Jasper Store Front The showers were far enough away that a volunteer operated a shuttle service to the aquatic center. We saw Sophie get back on the road as we returned from the showers. Earlier in the day we weren't decided; whether to stay in Jasper or take a short break and head for the next control at kilometer 530, the Beauty Creek Hostel. The decision seamed to make itself and we signed a waiver to use the church and headed over for a nap.

Rest Area in a Chuch Near the Jasper ControlMy inner demons wrestled with the church atmosphere and remained sleepless through our three hour sleep break. The church was a bit musty with air entombed since the reign of Queen Victoria. I got up at 21:00 (9 pm) to organize my gear, eat a lite meal and get ready for the road. Eric joined me about the same time at the McCready Center and we discovered quite a few riders including Scott "The Maestro" Peterson. The Maestro was enjoying a meal calmly considering getting ready to get ready . At 21:45 I was forced to choose between rolling towards the next control or falling over because it was 41 hours since my last sleep cycle and I was feeling a bit tipsy.