Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RM1200 Day 2-Bow Summit

Bow GlacierBeautiful View of Bow Glacier After Climbing Bow Pass, 6775 ft elevation, 10:35 am, July 25, 2008, 635+ kilometers and 36h35 into the Rocky Mountain 1200.

The Bow Summit climb was the steepest grade of the entire route. It was a short climb but steep enough to take a toll on our legs. Bow Lake was a very deep icy aquamarine color. I remembered the remaining route to Lake Louise as being mostly downhill but this year it seamed more like work getting there. With the lost sleep period in Jasper, the elapsed time since my last sleep was going on 53 hours. Eric and David were in a bit better shape. We were in good spirits and making excellent and relaxed progress towards Lake Louise.

That's Eric in the picture. Eric had a Canadian Flag reflector that he assembled using his expert engineering skills. He also had an American Flag, Old Glory, flying along side. It was good: Maple leaves, stars and bars for Everyone!