Monday, June 16, 2008

Pre Ride for OBM1200k

Oregon Blue Mountains In Six Easy Pieces LogoI love the pre-ride stage for long rides. It's like the opening scene to Mission Impossible. There I am, Matt Dillon's brother, selecting the proper bike gear for the big ride, picking out the best necessities for my overnight bag(s), getting everything sorted out and stored just right, pre-riding my bike to make sure everything is working perfectly and then when the ride comes, all hell breaks loose and chaos and challenge reign. It's time for an adventure! Time minus 4 days and counting. Rick Blacker and I are off for a little ride through some of the greatest biking country in North America. Time to hang out the vacation sign, Gone Biking...Oregon Blue Mountains... TourBC... RM1200...back sometime in August. Oh-yes!