Monday, May 19, 2008

OBM1200 Plans

John Day River near SprayI have been through the Oregon Blue Mountains several times with Cycle Oregon. It is beautiful country full of Old West vistas, ranches and towns. I remember long hills, hot days, cold as all get out nights and some pretty good party times and entertainment at the end of each day. I expect it will feel a bit different on the road alone rather than in a pack of 2,300 other cyclists. The route won't take me down into the Snake River where I was baked by the heat half to death and harassed by countless buzzing yellow jackets, but the route will take me to a scenic overlook of the Snake River. I just hope it isn't raining or snowing.

Begining early in the morning on June 20th, I'll leave from my house and begin my first 200k leg, a RUSA permanent with nearly 10,000 feet of hill climbing. With luck and stamina, in six days I'll be back home and with lots of luck I will have completed 6 RUSA 200k permanents for a total of 1280km.

I have hotel rooms reserved for each night. I expect dry and warm conditions during the day, so I'll be taking my 100 ounce camel pack as a water reservoir to fill my water bottles. There are several very long sections between services and if I plan to ride at night, there will probably be no services. I'll have to think about the night riding idea a bit.

I plan to ride with two days supply of Perpetuem, Recoverite, whey protein meal replacement, 4 hammer bars, 6 hammer gels, two days worth of sun block, a Showers Pass rain jacket, thermal leg warmers, Gortex shoe covers, Mylar space blanket, spare tire, two spare tubes, tube patch kit, three compressed air cartridges, small tire pump, tire lever, Grand Bois 30cm tires (on bike), spare shifter cable, spare bulbs, reflectorized vest, swimming shorts, camera, phone, small video camera (maybe) and my lucky MP3 player that has now survived Little Dude (Puppy) and 3 falls onto the road.

I need to call the hotels for day two and four and verify they will accept and hold a USPS Flat Rate box for me at the hotel. I'll mail the hotel a two days supply of the consumables, like the Hammer nutrition, sun block, jersey, shorts and socks as well as a small USPS box (pre-labeled with postage) to mail my used used clothes back home. I think I could probably get by with the same clothes each day so I'll have to think about the clothes replacements. A little laundary detergent and the hotel room sink and I would be set to go and I wouldn't have to mail a box home.

So between now and June 20, I'll be training on longer steeper hills with the goal of finishing the training rides in good condition ready to rest, recover and ride again. I used this winter to map out routes and get them approved as RUSA permanents. And I'll likely ride a few permanents and ride the upcoming SIR 600k as well. If I have time, I'll learn how to post to the blog using my phone. I also need to QC and print the RUSA permanent and route cards.

That's the plan, and I think I'll probably stick to it or something pretty close. Several Randonneurs have said they would like to ride along. I hope they do, I think it will be a good adventure.