Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bingen-Sherars Bridge 237k Permanent

Native Fishermen near Sherars Bridge
This is a 237km ride with about 8,300 feet of elevation gain that starts in Bingen Washington and finishes in Hood River Oregon. From Bingen the route follows the Columbia River along SR-14 to The Dalles and then follows the Freeway to Celilo Indian village where it follows back roads through the wheat fields to Moro. From Moro the route follows US-97 to Grass Valley where it turns onto a quiet OR state road to the Deschutes River National Recreation Area and a bridge known as Sherars Bridge. The route crosses the river and climbs though a short canyon to rollers and Tygh Valley where there is a market with food and supplies. After Tygh Valley the route follows US-197 to The Dalles. There is a long 6 mile climb to the top of Tygh Ridge just after Tygh Valley and the shoulder from Tygh Ridge to Dufer is badly frost cracked. The control in Dufer is the Market or the Saloon where there is good food or an ATM to obtain a receipt for proof of passage. The route follows US-197 to the Dalles and then finishes following the Scenic Highway between The Dalles and Hood River.

Update: RUSA #404

Ride History:
31-MAY-2008 Dave Rowe 12h31 (8,800' est. polar hrm)
31-MAY-2008 John Kramer 12h31
Ride Report: Here

Route Sheet: Route Sheet is Here