Saturday, January 5, 2008

Little Dude #13

Little Dude is 30 pounds this week. When Old Timer was Little Dude's age, he was 28 pounds and Big Red was only 16.5 pounds. The Old Timer was 105 pounds in his prime and Big Red is currently about 90 pounds. Little Dude is a very skinny puppy who doesn't have time to eat because the big dogs need his play time supervision. Without Little Dude, the big dogs would just lay around the house and sleep.

This morning the dogs were playing three-way tug when the Little Dude got squished by one of the big dogs. The Little Dude yelped and the commotion suddenly stopped. The big dogs stopped to check on the Little Dude and after some sniffing and a few licks, all of a sudden, the Little Dude came back to life and the commotion started all over again. I think the big dogs like the Little Dude sometimes.