Wednesday, December 12, 2007

White Salmon-Peterson Prairie 100k Permanent

Mt. AdamsProposed changes for 2015 include moving the start from Bingen to White Salmon and following city streets out of White Salmon instead of following WA-141.

This is another nice 100km scenic ride from the Columbia River into the Gifford Pinchot National Forest just south of Mt. Adams. The destination is the end of the pavement on Forest Road 24 about 1.5 miles past Peterson Prairie Campground. There are several nice inns and a store in Trout Lake where you can stop for some lunch or a snack. There is free water and there are vault toilets at Mt. Adams Ranger Station. Approximate elevation gain is 3700 feet.

Update: RUSA approved #353

Ride History:
Rider                Date        Time
-------------------- ----------- -----
John Kramer          19-OCT-2008 4h27

Route Sheet:  Proposed for 2015 Route Sheet is Here (note on the proposed route sheet: you can select your choice of metric or US for distance and elevation units. Click on the arrow next to the units in the distance or elevation column titles. Then select Miles or Kilometers for distance, and Feet or Meters for elevation. The spreadsheet will update to show the units of measure you just selected. For example, if the last person to use the route sheet selected Km for distance and you perfer miles, just click on the arrow next to the Kilometers heading and then select Miles.)
Orignal Route Sheet is Here

Proposed Route:
Pervious Map Map: