Friday, December 7, 2007

Little Dude #9

The little dude turns 9 weeks old tomorrow. He is our fourth puppy, three Golden Retrievers and now a Golden Doodle. The big red loves tennis balls and it is fun watching the little dude steal a tennis ball and scamper off with the big dog chasing from above and behind. The puppy runs like a bunny, he has long legs and big hips and shoulders.

We named the little dude, Pal. He is a good little dog with a mocha colored coat, larger at 9 weeks than his golden retriever predecessors and very smart. We gave him a bath in the sink when he was seven and two weeks later, the sink is too small.

It is difficult to get a good picture of the puppy. He is either sleeping or in almost constant motion. He is a determined dog, fearless in his approach to the older dogs. He likes to bark at them, chomp their tails, and nip at their shaggy manes. The big red has let the puppy know that he won't tolerate many nips but the puppy still manages to sneak them in. The little dude has way more courage than me.