Sunday, December 23, 2007

Little Dude #11

Old Timer, Little Dude and Big Red
The Little Dude turned 11 weeks old this weekend and here he is between the Old Timer and Big Red. Big Red wants to know if he can eat the Little Dude. The Old Timer is wondering if The Kramer is going to try and balance a biscuit on the Old Timer's nose again and the Little Dude wants to know when the biscuit provider is going to get with the program. Little Dude weighed in at 23 pounds this week. We switched him from puppy food to 2/3's large breed adult food to try to keep his growth rate under control. We looked up how much food he is supposed to get each day and discovered we need to almost double his rations. He is a skinny little guy but you can see he has big feet, they are going to make good paddles in the water. The big dogs started to play with the puppy this week. It doesn't matter what toy or chewy a dog has, the toy he wants is what the other dog has. It's a constant battle for all the toys. Seems oddly familiar though.