Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Little Dude #10

Pal-10 Weeks OldThe Little Dude turned 10 weeks old on Saturday and weighed in at 22 pounds at his visit to the Veterinarian for his second shots on Monday. Pal is a big puppy and it is still very difficult to catch him sitting still when he is awake. He can come, sit, shake and lay down but he has now discovered the run-away-chase-me game. He is ready for the 25 foot training line. He only has a couple modes, sleep, eat and chase the big dogs. The pup herds the big dogs all over the house and yard. Someone packed this puppy full of play and it drives the big dogs to the edge. The big dogs can squash the pup and roll him over, bark and growl but the pup gets back up and goes right back at it. The pup gets frequent time-outs where he goes on a leash or in his crate or bed.