Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hood River-Timberline Permanent

The final half mile climb to timberline on Mount Hood

This is a scenic but difficult 200 kilometer ride. The total elevation gain estimated from bikely is 11,800 feet which seams about right.

The ride goes to Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood then through Government Camp and down the west side of Mt. Hood to the Hoodland Thriftway in Welches. From the turn around at Welches, the route doubles back and the passes are climbed from the other direction. On the way back, the route climbs up to Cooper Spur Ski Resort where there is a very nice downhill run to Parkdale. The route returns to Hood River on Tucker Road.

The timberline road is about 5.5 miles long with a slope between 6 and 8 percent. You can get a receipt from an ATM or one of the shops inside the ski lodge. You can take your bike in the lodge but keep an eye on your bike, it is a long walk home.

The route starts at the Hood River Bridge. There is public parking at the Marina parking lot west and adjacent to the bridge. There are restrooms and water at the parking lot. There are also coin operated showers available at the boat mooring (the next parking to the west). The are a number of businesses where a receipt can be obtained to document start and finish times. The front desk at the Hood River Inn is also staffed 24-7. Receipts are required to document proof of passage but times for all controls except the first and last may be waived due to the generous elevation gain on this route.

Update: RUSA approved #369

Ride History:

Rider Date Time
-------------------- ----------- -----
Fred Hunley 15-AUG-2008 10h51
John Kramer 15-AUG-2008 10h51
Eric Ahlvin 29-AUG-2009 10H31
David Rowe 29-AUG-2009 10H31

Update 2: Control times cannot be waived but the Controls at Timberline Lodge, Hoodland Thriftway and Parkdale have been changed to information controls. It is a long climb from Hood River to Timberline.

Route Sheet: Route Sheet is Here

Profile: Hood River-Timberline Profile

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