Monday, October 13, 2008

Dalles-Bickleton Permanent

This is a 215 kilometer hill and wind training route with about 7,000 9,400 feet of elevation gain. The route starts at The Dalles Bridge where you can get a receipt to document your start. Parking is available at The Dalles Marina. There are two 24-7 hour mini marts at this location so a receipt to document start and finish times should be no problem. Bickleton is the renowned Blue Bird capital of the world. Either the Market St. Cafe or Blue Bird Inn should be open during normal business hours.

Update: RUSA approved #370

Ride History:

Rider Date Time
-------------------- ----------- -----
John Kramer 12-OCT-2008 11h43

Ride Report 12-OCT-2008: Difficult ride especially with wind. Garmin Vista GPS recorded 9,400 ft of climbing. Water in Bickleton has high levels of nitrates and you should ask for bottled water rather than use tap water. There is heavy truck traffic on SR14 between US-97 and The Dalles because of the closure of the Biggs Junction Bridge. The route to Bickleton has some nice scenery and views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood. The area is at the transition of dry grassland and scrub oak. Early spring would be a good time to ride.

Route Sheet: Route Sheet is Here


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