Sunday, December 23, 2007

Columbia Hills 400k Permanent

This is a beautiful but difficult 400 kilometer ride through the Mid Columbia area between Hood River, Lost Lake, The Dalles, Dufer, Goldendale, Centerville and Bingen. The total elevation gain is nearly 13,000 feet and there are a number of extended climbs with grades greater than 4 percent and lengths greater than 4 miles. The route passes through a diverse country side, from old growth forest to hills covered with wheat and grass.

There is a chance of high west winds during the day but the winds usually subside around 1800 hrs. Receipts must be provided from controls to provide proof of passage. There are 24 hour services at the controls in The Dalles and Bingen which should help riders later in the ride. The route starts at the Safeway/Rite Aid parking lot on the west side of Hood River. There is an ATM available at the bank across the street towards Walmart where a receipt may be obtained to document the start and/or finish time.

Update: RUSA approval pending

Route Sheet: Route Sheet is Here

Profile: Columbia Loops 400k profile
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