Wednesday, December 12, 2007

White Salmon to Glenwood Permanent

propose moving the start of this route from Bingen to White Salmon. The traffic between Bingen and White Salmon has increased significantly in recent years and shoulder is non-existent or covered with blackberry vines. The route out of White Salmon follows city streets rather than WA-141 which has a problem with a rumble striped loop trail on the road shoulder that is not wide enough for both bikes and pedestrians or two way trail traffic.

This is a scenic training 100k out and back with about 3400 feet of elevation gain. You should be able to find parking on the street near the start. Get an ATM receipt from the Sterling Savings Bank near the corner of Estes and Tohomish streets. You can also get a receipt from the Feast market and deli on the corner of Jewett and Estes streets. Follow SR 141 north to BZ Corners. Turn right onto the BZ-Glenwood highway and go to Glenwood. The control in Glenwood is the Glenwood Store where they have an ATM, food, snacks and drinks. The route takes you past a small park in Glenwood with water faucets, grass, tables, shade and a port-a-potty. The roads are good with rural ranching and logging traffic.

Update: RUSA approved #354

Ride History:
Rider                 Date         Time
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Dave Rowe             25-JUN-2008  4h27
John Kramer           25-JUN-2008  4h27

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