Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bingen-Goldendale-Trout Lake Permanent

This is a scenic route from Bingen to Goldendale, Glenwood, Trout Lake and back to Bingen. The elevation profile provided by bikely web site is 5368 ft and a gps estimate using a Garmin Vista hcx recorded 5771 feet. The ride has a beautiful downhill into the Klickitat River Valley and quiet back roads from Goldendale to Trout Lake.

The route starts in White Salmon at the park and ride parking lot just west of the Hood River Bridge and Bridgemart. Bridgemart is open 24-7 and a receipt from Bridgemart will work for start and end times.

Update: RUSA approved #368

Ride History:
Rider                 Date         Time
--------------------  -----------  -----
Dave Rowe             27-SEP-2008   9h16
Andy Speier           27-SEP-2008   9h16
Frank Kaplan          27-SEP-2008   9h16
John Kramer           27-SEP-2008   9h16
John Kramer           19-APR-2009   8h37
Tom Durkin            25-AUG-2009  11h20
Alan Woods            25-AUG-2009  11h20
John Kramer           12-SEP-2009   8h27

Route Sheet: Route Sheet is Here (a note about the route sheet: you can select distance and elevation units. Click on the arrow next to the units in the distance and elevation column titles. Then select Miles or Kilometers, Feet or Meters. The spreadsheet will update to show the units of measure you just selected. For example, if the last person to use the route sheet selected Kilometers for distance and you perfer miles, just click on the arrow next to the Kilometers heading and then select Miles. You can also recalculate the close times by setting the Ride Date in the upper left corner of the spreadsheet. The required format is a date time m/d/yyyy hh:mm.)

Interactive Map: