Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bingen-Gloldendale Permanent

R2R playing air guitarThis is a scenic but long 140 kilometer wind and hill training route with about 4,000 4,900 feet of elevation gain between Bingen and Goldendale. The elevation estimate seams low. The route follows the Klickitat River on both outbound and return segments. Outbound climbs the Centerville grade on the east side of the Klickitat River while the return follows SR-142 next to the river. Controls are located at Goldendale and Klickitat where receipts are required to document time and proof of passage.

The route starts and ends in Bingen at the junction of SR-14 and SR-141. There is public parking three blocks west of the junction and receipts may be obtained from any of the business in Bingen.

Update: RUSA approved #367

Ride History:
16-FEB-2008 drowe   6h35
16-FEB-2008 jkramer 6h35 (Garmin est. 4,600 ft)

Update 11-FEB-2008: finished the elevation estimate and the elevation gain increased to 4,900 feet. The original profile below has been updated with the current profile. The 4,900 foot estimate matches my expectation. My checks of Bikely elevation estimates have shown the Bikely estimates to be nearly the same as my Garmin GPS.

Route Sheet: Route Sheet is Here

Profile: Bingen-Goldendale Profile

Interactive Map: